organic wine

Say it with wine

We write our own history..

a river

a donkey

and a few

fallow acres

Poor, dry, calcareous and covered with stones, the conditions weren’t too promising but since, and according to local files, there had once grown vine; we adventured into viticulture.

Here, in the very heart of the Ribera del Duero region on the central plateau of Spain, at an altitude of approx. 800 m, where winters are freezing cold and summers extremely hot, where the difference between day and night temperatures can vary up to 25º;  we planted our first 10 hectares in the year 1989.

Rough and rustic as the location; Cantaburros (singing  donkeys) also seemed a perfect name for a wine produced under such circumstances.

Cantaburros with El Duero on the left and Aranda de Duero at the back.

We quickly discovered the privileges of our proximity to the river “El Duero”, that constitutes a natural border of our vineyard

-and little by little...

more acres were added.

In 1996 we decided to build our own winery, with the sole purpose of avoiding having to sell the fruits of a whole year’s work in a single day.

In 1997 we inaugurated our winery which implied a new challenge; discover the secrets of making good wine. Shortly after, we obtained the certificates that verify that our vineyard is organic and a year later the same classification for the winery.



Cantaburros vineyard west

Cantaburros "wine factory"

and our wine castle in the air...

We refer to our winery as “the wine factory” as it doesn’t possess  any other attribute. 

In large stainless steel tanks we control the fermentation processes that turn juice into wine.

When knowing the characteristics of each acre of the vineyard, we know beforehand which zone is most indicated for each type of wine.

The wines destined for ageing on wood are transferred to barrels in which they remain in between  6 months and 24 months depending on the designation.

"a helping hand"

All along the way we’ve been able to count on the advice and help from the renowned  enologist and dear friend Lorenzo  Ayuso, co-founder of the D.O. Ribera del Duero, and after him his no less  dedicated  son Juan Ayuso.