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The science behind the wine and the man behind the science.

Lorenzo Ayuso

For us this person was Lorenzo Ayuso. He was a passionate enologist in an area where the co-ops little by little had substituted wine making on a household basis but where the typical “Clarete” (vino claro) was still the final product. Sometimes when money is scarce which was often the case of the Coops, alternative thinking is a must, and at that Lorenzo was an expert. The goal of any enologist is to achieve the most color and the best flavor with the available means not only technically but also what concerns the raw material. It’s a combination of enology and chemistry, and Lorenzo was the impersonation of that. If not measuring PH or volatile acidities,  he was busy in his fruit- and vegetable garden, and whatever he discovered in nature he would try to apply professionally.

D.O. Ribera del duero

It was clear to Lorenzo that the Ribera del Duero held big potential not only for the quality of its grapes  and wines but it also culturally. Rare is it to find within the elder generation someone who hasn`t had bread dipped in wine, well known is also the Harvest party and that “el dia de Pilar” (Oct. 12 ) is when the harvest takes place. Combining forces by uniting wineries, the vine and wines from the Ribero del Duero region , should be promoted and with that purpose D.O. Ribera del Duero was founded, Lorenzo being one of the instigators.


Juan Ayuso

Juan Ayuso, the son of Lorenzo, has followed his father’s footsteps. Having nursed on wine, in a symbolic sense, his understanding of wine is great and his enthusiasm no less. Over the years  and maybe due to the efforts of D.O. Ribera del Duero, the wines from the area have reached more recognition, some co-ops have disappeared and a lot of private wine cellars have seen the light.  According to Juan this development has also changed the enology, where his father had to be innovative Juan finds that enology now a days is more preventive even more so when working with ecological wines as is Cantaburros. To be an enologist now-a-days require a great deal of diplomatic skills , as Juan puts it: “I’m merely he who guides the winemaker”. Each wine has its own identity and so does each vineyard, and each winery has different means and also different goals, and within those parameters Juan aims to achieve the best possible product.

To Cantaburros Juan’s help is inestimable and even though reaching a consensus sometimes implies heated discussions and a huge amount of tastings, the results, say our wines, speak for themselves.