organic wine

Say it with wine

Say it with wine

Being respectful of the environment is not something that is done punctually, it is an attitude towards life, a look back and a vision of the future, it is a responsibility that is always present, even more so when working with one of nature's raw materials.

Bear in mind;

Organic wine may not taste better, but you drink it with a better conscience.

When we set out to grow vines it was our aim to be ecological, basically for the purpose of favouring the biodiversity in our area, and that is something we can appreciate on a daily basis.

the more insects, the more birds

and maybe we can take a little credit for that. At least it’s our impression that more than twenty years of avoiding pesticides and fertilizers has had a positive impact on the biodiversity that surrounds us.

There are two reasons for drinking wine:

When you’re thirsty, to cure it;

the other, when you’re not thirsty, to prevent it.

Prevention is better than  cure…

Thomas Love Peacock

It's better to prevent than to cure...

By refraining from the use of conventional methods, all our efforts have been aimed at preventing any of the problems that can harm the vineyard (fungi, insects…) and at strengthening of the immune system of the vines.


The idea has been to create an ecosystem in which the plants coexist and grow in their natural environment, and that with a minimal intervention on our part. The more diverse our vineyard is, the more resistant or self-regulating will it be, and in this sense, rather than cure, we prevent.

An on-going process

Something that’s worth emphasizing  is how the land changes year after year. Even now, after 25 years, each year we continue to observe how the earth changes its composition, basically depending on the climatic conditions and the work of the plants themselves in the circumstances of the moment, this assures us that the best job done is the one omitted.


Getting to this point has been a long and sometimes difficult journey. Although organic viticulture has become widespread, it is still a young field, so there have not always been references to turn to. This has meant that we have had to use our imagination when looking for unexpected solutions, some with more success than others.

ozon logo 300 x300
ozon logo 300 x300

Will ozone therapy be a universal solution for viticulture?

Being at the forefront implies imagination, experimentation and innovation.

Our latest bet, in this regard, has been ozone therapy (O3). This method has proven to be effective in the vineyard due to its bactericidal, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Ozone therapy consists in applying ozonated water to the vines, when the risk of infection exists.


a winery with ecological certification

As well as the vineyard, our winery meets the standards for production of organic wine stipulated by CAECyL (Ministry of Ecological Agriculture of Castilla y León) and the EU.

This organic blue stamp is not a permanent status, it is granted as a result of a continuous process during which both the winery and the vineyard and its fruits are subject to spontaneous controls carried out by CAECyL.

In each of the Cantaburros vintages, this seal is visible on our back label, which together with the official seal of C.R.D.O. Ribera del Duero, define the origin and characteristics of our wine.