organic wine

The one with the donkey

A rural touch..

Maybe Cantaburros isn’t the most suitable name for a wine, but it was the most obvious when the decision was made.

Difficult to pronounce and difficult to spell. No conotation what so ever to wine, but there was no doubt in our minds that that was to be the name of our wine. 

It may sound farfetched but there is in fact a perfectly plausible reason; namely that the location of the vineyard is called Cantaburros. 

The name had a rural ring to it and a twist of humor and furthermore we could somewhat identify ourselves with the characteristics of a donkey, as a hardworking and stubborn animal.

One can only guess why at piece of land  is called “singing donkeys“, but to name a wine after the plot on which the vineyard is located, is quite comprehensive. 

So why not focus on the donkey..

donkey vintage